March 25, 2010

Bacalao a la Vizcaiña

A. was born in Cuba. Recently, she mentioned one of her favorite dishes – Bacalao a la Vizcaiña – which I met with a blank stare and multiple requests to repeat it (I meet lots of things that way). I swear, I think Mandarin is easier than Spanish… – embarrassing, with my Spanish roots and […]

Montaluce Wine and Food Conclave

Sliding southward out of the mountains, the big V-8 was sucking in sleet and freezing rain faster that gas. Turning off onto an unmarked side road, the sleet finally gave way to snow. The Benz had all it needed – a tank of high-test and cold, dense air. We, on the other hand, were hurting. […]


Best Dishes of Buford Highway 2009

Pork noodles with pickled vegetable – Northern China Eatery Niu ruo mein – Ocean Garden, Chinatown Food Court Sliced fish in chili oil – Delicious Kabob Torta al Pastor – El Pastor Deli Manjoo – Buford Highway Farmers Market Galbi & Mandoo – Cho Sun Ok Pollo a la brasa – Pollo el Rey Cha […]


Atlanta Food Bloggers – Chinatown Food Court

Obnoxious and inflammatory invective, embarrassing and awkward displays, generally rude and unacceptable behaviour, fist fights – all of the wonderful things I had hoped for – failed to materialize… Rather, a pleasant evening of conversation and Chinese food. So very disappointed. (You guys are great! Already thinking about doing it again in January.) GHVD235USZJA


Roasted Chicken Wings

I’ve been trying to be a good citizen. As I was exposed to swine flu last week via a festering public petri dish (my son’s elementary school), I decided to limit my contact with the outside world over the weekend. Of course, upon quietly making that decision on Friday, the calls & emails started –  […]