August 31, 2010

Do Chua

Lately I’ve been working on refining my recipe for thịt heo nướng (Vietnamese grilled lemongrass pork). So when my friend Beth (@foodgodtess, came by for Sunday dinner a few weeks ago, I decided that rather than just eat the stuff straight off the chaunr grill like I had been doing, we should class it […]

Hey, Food Network – We Need to Talk…

I have a dilemma. I received the message below from the Food Network the other day, asking for help publicizing their casting call for “Worst Cooks in America”. To the best of my knowledge, every blogger in Atlanta got the same. I know they’re just running a list and not really reading any of the […]


Cooking with: Nira

During a recent walk through the produce section of the Buford Highway Farmers Market I ran into two women who appeared to be on their first trip through the market. They were obviously overwhelmed by the array of unfamiliar greenery laid out before them – gailan, a-choy, yo tsai, sherlion, kohlrabi, epazote – and they […]


Roasted Chicken Wings

I’ve been trying to be a good citizen. As I was exposed to swine flu last week via a festering public petri dish (my son’s elementary school), I decided to limit my contact with the outside world over the weekend. Of course, upon quietly making that decision on Friday, the calls & emails started –  […]