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I’ll cut the crap and get down to brass tacks. You’ll either love ramps or hate them. Continue reading

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Video: Thai Green Curry Paste Part 1 – The Ingredients

Before you can start pounding a curry paste, you have to prep your ingredients. As you’ll see in the video, Thai green curry paste has quite a few moving parts. Continue reading

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What’s BuHi Eating? – Fall 2012

Cut straight from a whole pig marinated in mojo criollo, crispy, sticky skin still attached… Continue reading

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Vegetables? With no meat? You must be at the wrong blog… Truth be told, I do eat the occasional vegetable. A recent trip through the Buford Highway Farmers market landed me with a beautiful bunch of greens labeled simply as … Continue reading

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What’s in My Pantry?

Pantries are meant to be cleaned out occasionally. Old, stale ingredients have to go, some items need to be used before they expire and some staple items just need to be replaced. I thought some of you might be interested … Continue reading

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Coconut Milk

Recently I posted a photo on Twitter of a gadget that I figured a lot of people had never seen. Typical of me, I didn’t bother explaining what it was. Pretty soon, enough chatter had developed around the photo that … Continue reading

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The Mortar & Pestle – Seasoning

If you’re serious about ethnic cooking, there comes a point where a mortar & pestle will become a critical part of your kitchen arsenal. The more you cook certain styles of food (Thai, Peranakan/Nyonya, Mexican, etc.), the more you will … Continue reading

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Home. Home is where you keep your food…

My kitchen kind of looks like this right now – only not really…. I’m moving into a new house soon and I find myself dreading one thing more than any other – packing my kitchen. Every time I move find … Continue reading

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Viet at Home: Thit Bo Luc Lac

I’ve rambled on about my love for Vietnamese food for years now (more than 3 years on this blog). I’m drawn to the contrast in the way meats are treated – either raw meat, sliced thin and quickly cooked in … Continue reading

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Kofta (kefta, kufta, kifta, keftes – whatever you choose to call it) is one of those foods that is so pervasive throughout the Middle East and parts of Asia, that I don’t think there is anyway to truly give it … Continue reading

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