Best Dishes of Buford Highway 2009

Pork noodles with pickled vegetable – Northern China Eatery Niu ruo mein – Ocean Garden, Chinatown Food Court Sliced fish in chili oil – Delicious Kabob Torta al Pastor – El Pastor Deli Manjoo – Buford Highway Farmers Market Galbi & Mandoo – Cho Sun Ok Pollo a la brasa – Pollo el Rey Cha […]

Atlanta Food Bloggers – Chinatown Food Court

Obnoxious and inflammatory invective, embarrassing and awkward displays, generally rude and unacceptable behaviour, fist fights – all of the wonderful things I had hoped for – failed to materialize… Rather, a pleasant evening of conversation and Chinese food. So very disappointed. (You guys are great! Already thinking about doing it again in January.) GHVD235USZJA