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What’s in My Pantry?

Pantries are meant to be cleaned out occasionally. Old, stale ingredients have to go, some items need to be used before they expire and some staple items just need to be replaced. I thought some of you might be interested … Continue reading

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The Map

I’ve been promising this for a long time – so here’s the first draft. This is by no means a comprehensive listing of places to eat on Buford Highway, but it’s a start. There is still a lot to add, … Continue reading

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What’s BuHi Eating?

I’ll be the first to admit that there are days when it becomes a bit tedious to document what I’m eating and cooking. Sometimes you just need to relax and enjoy a meal and enjoy the company. That being said, … Continue reading

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Tornado Relief, Sweet Auburn & Sichuan Food

No, there’s no Sichuan food at Sweet Auburn (that would be awesome though…), but I just want to mention that we have some really cool things going on over at Atlanta Culinary Tours. Most importantly, a portion of the ticket … Continue reading

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Atlanta Culinary Tours – Sichuan: Beyond MáLà

Atlanta Culinary Tours has announced a new event – Sichuan: Beyond MáLà. This is a multi-course Sichuan dinner provided by Chong Qing Hot Pot, with a discussion about some of the ingredients that make Sichuan cuisine unique. It will also … Continue reading

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串 Te Wei Chinese Kabobs

I only know a few characters of Hanzi, and this is one of them 串 (chuàn). It has several meanings, but the one that’s important to me is “skewer”. As in, food on a stick. Beef, lamb and sausage chuanr … Continue reading

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Chinatown Food Court (Buford Highway Blogger Eatup)

You see, this is why you don’t want to miss the Buford Highway Blogger EatUps. A few pics from the Chinatown Food Court last week. Stay tuned for information on more upcoming Eatups.

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Chong Qing Hot Pot

I feel like I just left the dentist. My mouth is completely numb and my white t-shirt is covered in red spatters. As long as I don’t talk on the phone or chew gum for the next hour or so, … Continue reading

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Buford Highway Blogger’s EatUp #4 – Chinatown Food Court

We visited the food court at Chinatown Square a little less than a year ago for the first Buford Highway Blogger’s EatUp. Despite horrific weather and the proximity to the holidays, we still had a nice turnout. Now it’s time … Continue reading

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Hawker Food – Si Fang Cai (Secret Supper)

I’m not sure who had more fun at the first Si Fang Cai (Secret Supper) – me or the guests. The menu was based (mostly) on Asian hawker food – or “street” food. The weather cooperated, allowing for drinks and … Continue reading

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