What’s in My Pantry?

Pantries are meant to be cleaned out occasionally. Old, stale ingredients have to go, some items need to be used before they expire and some staple items just need to be replaced. I thought some of you might be interested in a few of the ingredients I keep in my pantry (this doesn’t include things […]

Chicken with Sauce au Chien & Coconut Rice

As much as I love chicken, it  can get boring really quickly. So I’m constantly looking for simple, flavourful recipes. As a fan of Mark Bittman’s Minimalist series, he was an obvious place to turn. This dish couldn’t have been easier: grilled chicken, sauce au chien (a simple West Indian sauce from Martinique – his […]


Buford Highway Farmer’s Market

For some reason lot of people still seem to have hang ups about the ethnic markets along Buford Highway. Regardless, BFM is still one of my favorites. The sheer volume of produce, meats and fish that move through this place ensure that you can usually find almost any ingredient you can think of, fresh and […]


Wednesday – 3 things

3 things that caught my attention today: Frozen Pork Dumplings (Wei-Chuan Brand). Definitely not as good as handmade, but they’ll do in a pinch and they’re under $4/bag. I’ve never tried Caribbean Jenean’s on Piedmont in Atlanta (seemed a little scary – strange that, coming from me), but they recently updated their sign and now […]


Mi Pilon Cocina Criolla

So I’m leaving my accountant’s office, looking for a quick lunch and making a mental note to cancel my dinner at Mi Pilon Cocina Criolla with the BHG on Saturday night (family things). What should suddenly loom in front of me? Mi Pilon Cocina Criolla (or Cocina Dominicana, or Spanish Restaurant, depending which sign you […]



According to the State of Texas, the most common last meal requests are: Cheeseburger Steak Fried Chicken Eggs – Scrambled/fried/Omlets along with other breakfasty items Chicken Fried Steak Tacos/Fajitas with accompanying mexican side dishes e.g.; beans and rice, salsa…etc Plain Hamburger Liver And Onions That’s just wrong. If you really want to die happy, you need to […]