Mi Pilon Cocina Criolla

So I’m leaving my accountant’s office, looking for a quick lunch and making a mental note to cancel my dinner at Mi Pilon Cocina Criolla with the BHG on Saturday night (family things). What should suddenly loom in front of me? Mi Pilon Cocina Criolla (or Cocina Dominicana, or Spanish Restaurant, depending which sign you look at).

Mi Pilon

Mi Pilon is a small, hectic, cafeteria style place. The sheer speed with which the ladies behind the steam table work you through the line can make Spanish, which dominates here, seem like a language you’ve never heard before. But don’t hesitate to pause and let the line move past you. There’s a huge number of selections to take in: stews and braises, roast pork, roast chicken, roast fish, empañadas, vegetables and rice – white, yellow with pigeon peas (kind like lentils), rice with red beans (congri), rice with black beans (moros).

Empanada de Pollo

empañada de pollo

The empañada was lightly fried with a flaky crust and filling of shredded chicken and vegetables.

Mi Pilon - Pollo

roast chicken, rice with pigeon peas

The roast chicken was well – roast chicken. Roast chicken is really hard to screw up, which makes it a pretty safe dish, and today (atypical for me), I needed safe. But I do wish it had been bit more flavorful. Next time I will definitely have to go for the oxtails.

Overall, this is the kind of place I like, the kind of place that makes Buford Highway interesting – a huge menu where you can discover the real food that people eat – no pretension, no posturing – this is a place to go when you’re hungry.

Mi Pilon Cocina Criolla
5705 Buford Hwy
Norcross, GA 30071
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