Porter Battered Fish & Chips

I treat yard work as a paced work out. As such, I tend to build up a pretty big appetite – usually for heavy, filling food. I was considering a run to the pub down the street until I remembered it was Super Bowl weekend (I’m really not a football guy….).

Fish & Chips

The idea of fish and chips was set on my mind and I had a few bottles of porter (essentially a lighter stout beer), so it was off to the market to grab some fish. No cod or haddock to be found, but tilapia is always available and always cheap – so I was set.


The filets were cut in half (lengthwise) and hit with salt pepper and bit of Old Bay (yes, more salt), porter added to flour and a pot of oil brought up to 370° (keep a thermometer in your oil while you fry – it’s important to manage temperature properly). Fish was fried about 4-5 minutes, until the crust was nicely browned. And yes, I’m full.



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