3 thoughts on “Cafe International

  1. the best wings in the world. i´m from mexico and i have a brother living in atl. when i go there all i want to do is go to the international cafe….

  2. OK, so I posted this comment and was going to ask you for more detail, but now that I’ve received multiple comments from you, you obviously has an axe to grind.

    If you had a bad experience, do share it – but how about sharing valid information about it? I’m not here to promote or slam any particular restaurant, but I do encourage lucid, thoughtful discussion.

    Yes, they speak Korean in front of customers – so what? They’re Korean. (Your comments have not exactly been in proper English…) They have always been friendly enough when I’ve been there – but that’s my experience.

    Care to give some valid, thoughtful feedback?

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