Waikikie Hawaiian BBQ


I’ve read quite a few mediocre reviews of Waikikie Hawaiian BBQ and had always wondered if the food really wasn’t that good or if people were just going in with the wrong expectations.

After a few hours of mountain biking, HX and I had worked up an appetite and I decided to finally give it a try. My expectation was to find Hawaiian plate lunch food – the kind you would find in local beach spot, a combination of Polynesian, Asian, American and leftover MRE’s from WWII. On the drive, I told HX one of my criteria would be if they had SPAM musubi. Lo and behold, there on the menu – SPAM musubi – essentially huge makizushi filled with teriyaki SPAM. Very tasty – salty, seaweedy, SPAMmy – and filling.

SPAM Musubi

SPAM Musubi

Waikikie Combo

BBQ Beef, BBQ Short Ribs, BBQ Chicken, Macaroni Salad, Rice

We shared the Waikikie Combo, a plate of rice, macaroni salad, BBQ beef (similar in taste to bulgogi), BBQ beef short ribs (essentially kalbi) and BBQ chicken (teriyaki glazed chicken breast). Definitely not “barbecue” (that’s another discussion), but well executed and satisfying.

The menu is extensive, featuring “barbecue”, burgers, curry, ramen, fried rice and even a few vegetarian selections. Shaved ice is on hand for dessert. They also currently have a few Hawaiian beers on hand (Longboard Ale and Pipeline Porter – made with Kona coffee).

So overall, maybe not the most spectacular food in town, but I think I had my expectations set correctly. This is actually the kind of place Atlanta could use more of – a restaurant that seems comfortable in it’s own skin – a place to relax and just let it be what it wants to be.

Waikikie Hawaiian BBQ

Waikikie Hawaiian BBQ
2160 Briarcliff Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30329
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  1. Spam is a staple in Micronesia. More often though, I see it cut thin and fried, used in ways similar to bacon.

    Places like this tend to scare me, though if a Chamorro place opened, even if it were fake, I’d have to take a look.

  2. Well there’s an underrepresented cuisine in Atlanta… I agree, I was skeptical and put off a bit by Waikikie – it took me a couple of years to even bother to try it. As I said, it wasn’t spectacular, but it was a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere with OK food. I still think it would be a nice place to hang out with some friends over Hawaiian beers and just snack.

  3. I grew up in Hawaii and a lot of my friends who have grown up there and no live in Atlanta say that this is a true representation of Hawaiian Plate Lunches… so, I’m going to go try it!

  4. Cool – let me know what you think. I’ve never been to Hawaii, so it would be nice to know if this truly is representative.

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