Too Much Freakin’ Rain, or How I Spent My Damp-Ass Weekend

God I need to stop eating for a while. But the rain in Atlanta is making that very difficult. Lately it doesn’t seem to stop raining, and when it does, the humidity is hanging in the air such that it does really matter that it’s not raining.


Penne with sausage and cream sauce laced with balsamic vinegar and Hungarian paprika

After my ridiculous parade over the last couple of weeks through donut shops, two nasty allergic reactions, a moderately obsessive-compulsive flirtation with Abattoir, capping off with an evening of marrow, charcuterie, mussels, burgers and Old Rasputin at Holeman & Finch, I did finally slow down this weekend – somewhat.

Huevos Con Chorizo

After discovering that I had no power on Saturday AM, I braved the monsoon in search of eggs. Taqueria Los Rayos was almost empty, save for several buckets collecting some of the water that will inevitably make it through all of our roofs. I found a dry spot at the bar in front of the TV tuned to the Argentinean soccer channel and worked my way through a mountain of Huevos con Chorizo and cinnamon-laced coffee. The tenuous bond created between me and the cooks by the eggs evaporated when I realized the only thing I understood on TV was the Cyrillic lettering on one team’s jerseys…. time to move on.


Goodwill on Buford Highway. Again, probably the rain, but something told me that I needed books. And there, nestled between Java Security and Douglas Adam’s The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (I kid you not), was a nearly complete set of the the Grand Diplôme Cooking Course, Hazan’s The Classic Italian Cook Book and a 1950 first edition of Miloradovich’s The Art of Cooking with Herbs and Spices. Miloradovich’s book will be a great companion to Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking, which I believe is being delivered by boat tomorrow…


The rest of the weekend became a blur of intense periods of rain – which would drive me into a fury of stacking proteins on top of starches – pan-seared sirloin and sauteed mushrooms on grits with grilled tomatoes –

Chicken with Orzo

chicken breasts, lightly sauteed, then poached in butter & olive oil, with crimini mushroom orzo – and finally the penne at the beginning of this post.

Now I just need some sun, so I can use one of the few gadgets I allow into the kitchen to help me get rid of all of this food…


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