Skin Thrasher’s

Funny. I grew up in the Upstate of South Carolina, but I had never heard of Skin’s until I saw a documentary on hot dogs, maybe 10 years ago. Apparently they’ve been around since the ’50s and have a devoted following.

Admittedly, I never felt totally assimilated into SC culture –  I’m guessing my complete lack of a Southern accent gives that away – so it’s existence was never revealed to me while I lived there.

I pass one of their locations on the way to visit my parents, who now live in Anderson, and I finally persuaded my mom to join me for my first visit. And there it is. Hot dogs with mustard, onions and chili. No plates (and very little patience with you sitting very long to enjoy your food). Take out and counter service are available as well as table service.

The complete history of Skin Thrasher’s is laid out on the walls.

Skin Thrasher’s Hot Dogs
3420 North Main Street
Anderson, SC 29621


  1. I went to high school in the town this place is located. Always felt it was waaaaaaaaay over rated, but being the new kid then, and trying to fit in I always went with the townies. It still to this day, from what I understand, is the place everyone has to try.

    When I lived there the only big upside I found was that it was one of very few local places, as opposed to the super chains of Applebees, Chili’s and generic steakhouses.

  2. Failed to clarify they don’t grill teh dogs, they boil them. Not great for northern visitors . . .

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