Old Hickory House

When I first moved to Atlanta (by way of Boston) in 1989, I remember trying the barbecue at Old Hickory House at their now defunct location on Piedmont Road in Midtown Atlanta. To say I was underwhelmed would be an understatement. The fact that I have not darkened their doorstep in 21 years attests to the impression they made.

Be that as it may, the lack of decent, cheap breakfast locations (notice I did not say barbecue locations) in the Dunwoody area drove me to give Old Hickory House another try. So on a rainy Sunday AM, HX and I ventured out to fend for a table at the Dunwoody location (down to two, the other is located in Tucker).

Despite the high blue-hair quotient, the service was friendly enough and relatively efficient (I say despite, because this is usually a key driver for long-winded, pointless conversations holding up the wait staff, along with overly complicated and indecisive orders. I’m not hatin’ on old folks – stereotypes exist for a reason).

Soon after ordering, substantial portions of country-fried steak and eggs, sugar-cured ham and biscuits made their way to our table. For the most part, the food was good and a pretty good deal (2 people, big breakfasts – about $10). The biscuits (huge) were disappointing – the interior was light and tasty, but the crust was thick and chewy – kind of a biscuit jerky.

Old Hickory House
5490 Chamblee Dunwoody Road
Dunwoody, GA 30338-4129


  1. It certainly does look good and this place is no more than 5 minutes from my work. The gravy alone, though, would nail me with my issues these days.

    I could probably handle a couple of those biscuits, some butter, and those eggs ;).


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