“If you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes…”

I guess it’s time for my once a year, “one month in a single post” recap. July has been busy, especially with hosting the first Si Fang Cai (Secret Supper).  Nonetheless, I was able to get out and explore a little…

Black Tie Barbecue began offering lunch. If you’re in Midtown/Downtown or thereabouts on Fridays – go.

The 3rd Buford Highway Blogger’s “EatUp” took place at La Casona – great Colombian food, good conversation and aguardiente!

Smoked Spanish chorizo from the nice folks at The Spotted Trotter.

47lb burritos in the works from the guys at Bell Street Burritos (Sweet Auburn Urban Picnic).

Perhaps we can set up a badass, Highlander-style throwdown with all the paleta guys showing up around town?

I waited for the hype to die down (what, 8 months or so? So I’m lazy – big deal) and finally got myself to Grindhouse. Hype was deserved. Not my favorite burger, but good. I’ll definitely go back.

Tonkatsu ramen at Shoya. Nuff said.

I remembered why I used to go to Silver Skillet all the time (and why I shouldn’t go to Silver Skillet all the time).

I went back to Montaluce Vineyards for a tasting of their 2009 vintage – amazing wines coming from some genuinely nice people.

Quiet time in the kitchen at La Vigne.


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