Fellini’s EMF Pizza

Something about being surrounded by extremely high electromagnetic fields just makes pizza taste better. Fellini’s Pizza at the corner of Roswell Rd. and Wieuca is located just around the corner from an electric substation and has a 100′, densely populated cell tower in the rear parking lot – so as pizza dives go, this place is a veritable microwave oven.

Understand, this is not a deterrent to me. I cut my teeth in radio at an early age and have spent more than a few hours sitting next to broadcast transmitters and even climbing live antenna towers. I’ve had my fair share of RF burns and shocks – hell, I’ve even been buzzed by lightning.

So what? Exactly. The operative words here are “dive”, “pizza”, “good”. I’m not a food snob (except about barbecue – don’t get me started. Oh, and about authentic Asian food. And any about any authentic ethnic food. Fine – I’m a frickin’ food snob). Like many, I bemoan the demise of Rocky’s Brick Oven Pizza (and many will disagree), and I’m sure there is probably good wood-fired pizza elsewhere in Atlanta (and many will disagree), but pizza is usually a last minute decision for me and I’m too lazy to go looking for it. Fellini’s crust isn’t paper-thin, but I like it. Just chewy enough, without pulling your teeth out. For a home-grown chain, I think they do a good job (and many will disagree).

As I’m sure most of you disagree, feel free to chime in with your opinions, suggestion and vitriol.

Yes, they were open and I was not the only person there – it was 4:45 in the afternoon…

Fellini’s Pizza
4429 Roswell Road
Atlanta, GA
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  1. Shorty’s Baraonda or Fritti are WAY better but Fellini’s is still the old standby. I’ve been getting an onion slice, a jalapeño pepper slice and a salad since moving here in 87.

  2. I used to frequent Sotto Sotto when I lived in the nether regions of Atlanta (Grant Park), but moved right before they opened Fritti. I’ve heard nothing but good things. Baraonda does look good – I’ve never made it past the Penne Salsiccia – that stuff is addictive. I’ll need to try their Margherita – the true test.

  3. I’m a displaced Chicagoan so pizza is a religion to me, but I’ve often heard that Fellini’s is just about the best you can get in Atlanta. However, that pizza in the picture looks anemic. D: Is it just the quality of the photo?

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