Donut Crawl: Downtown – Sublime Donuts

HX and I were out exploring recently and I decided to start off by dropping by Sublime Donuts (Mary X gets all the credit for letting me know about this place – Thanks Mary!). While I grew up in the South, I still don’t care for anything overly-sweet – especially donuts. Ergo,

Sublime Donuts

I’m not a huge fan of Krispy Kreme – I’m more of a Dunkin’ Donuts guy. I really became addicted when I lived in Boston. Then came the debacle with hell-spawn Rachel Ray (talk about putting a bad taste in your mouth – but I digress) and it appeared I’d been set adrift, with out a donut home.

Sublime Donuts

Sublime has a slightly schizo selection (good thing) – red velvet, dulce de leche, orange, that double chocolate thing above (and I don’t care for chocolate – but I’ll fight you for one of those), and on and on. And if they have the tangerine donuts available – grab one.  The donuts are light, almost fluffy and none that I’ve tried so far have been overly sweet (don’t get me wrong – they are sweet – just not too sweet).

Sublime Donuts

HX has inherited my donut gene and was quickly asking “Can we get one more?”. Well worth the trip (and you will have to look for it – hidden away on the backside of Ga. Tech).

And the donut crawl continues – watch for future posts…

Sublime Donuts
35 Tenth Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318


  1. They’re my favorite.

    The peanutbutter & chocolate, the oreo, the butterfinger, the toffee, the raspberry filled heart…ALL SO GOOD!

  2. I don’t even swoon for doughnuts, but these look awesome! Off to forward your link to my techie buddies! This is the first morning I have read your blog, btw and I cannot wait to come back. BufordHwy really is a culinary dream in the spirit of Disney World’s Its A Small World (well, if it served food). Great to have the information all in one spot!

  3. I’m down in that area a good bit, so I’ll check it out.

    Oh, 10th Street…I miss Kool Korner Grocery Cuban sammiches.

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