Tucked into the triangle where Ashford Dunwoody Road meets Johnson Ferry Road, Corner Pizza typifies the type of small independent pizza joint that for a while seemed to becoming a rarity in Atlanta.  Open for a few years now, I remember the great hype that surrounded it’s opening. There were raves about the quality of crust, “authenticity, etc., etc.

Corner Pizza

Now understand that I find most pizza-related hype to be way off base (e.g. Varasano’s). On my first few of visits I found the crust to be amazingly consistent, that is, soggy and flacid. After avoiding it for a couple of years, I finally returned with HX and found that things had improved.

Corner Pizza

I don’t think I’m ready to label Corner Pizza the second coming of Pizza Jesus (e.g., Varasano’s) or anything, but I think it may have found it’s groove and is on the way to becoming a decent neighborhood pizza joint.

Corner Pizza

Corner Pizza
2163 Johnson Ferry Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30319-2503

One thought on “Corner Pizza

  1. The closest thing to Pizza Jesus I ever found in this city left for Chicago. And the place in Philadelphia where I had most of the pizza I liked, Bocce Pizza, isn’t around anymore.

    It’s probably pizza sacrilege here, but I’d be happy if a Uno Chicago Grill made it into town.


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