Community Q

After a recent hike up Stone Mountain, HX and I stopped for a quick lunch at Community Q in Decatur. Somewhere (maybe on Google Maps) I seem to have read that the folks at Community Q were on a mission of some sorts (I don’t really recall – locally sourced, sustainable, something like that?), but I really haven’t hunted that info down.

If that is the case, more power to them, I was there to eat and don’t really have a problem with eating just about anything…

We shared a combo plate with pulled pork and brisket. The pork – good flavor, lots of bark. Brisket – some was a bit dry, the rest had a good balance of fat & moisture. Nice, soft texture. Won’t hold it against them – the dilemma that most BBQ restaurants face – how to hold meat at temp without it becoming dry. Maybe it’s because I’m a Florida boy, maybe because my grandfather had a hog farm at one point, maybe because his joint only served pork – but no matter how much I’d like to, I just don’t get brisket. Don’t get me wrong, I love beef and this is no negative to Community Q, but brisket always disappoints me…

Macaroni & Cheese made with rigatoni – good tasty, sticky and substantial.

Baked beans – different that I’ve had before. Tons of onion (minced?) added sweetness and characteristic flavor. A little too sweet to eat much, but I’d order again.

Community Q
1361 Clairmont Road
Decatur, GA 30033

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