According to the State of Texas, the most common last meal requests are:

  1. Cheeseburger
  2. Steak
  3. Fried Chicken
  4. Eggs – Scrambled/fried/Omlets along with other breakfasty items
  5. Chicken Fried Steak
  6. Tacos/Fajitas with accompanying mexican side dishes e.g.; beans and rice, salsa…etc
  7. Plain Hamburger
  8. Liver And Onions


That’s just wrong. If you really want to die happy, you need to go to AfroDish in the Sweet Auburn Curb Market for your last meal. Just trust me on this. The sign says “Authentic African-Carribean Food”, but it’s a typo. It’s supposed to say “You’re complete, now get on with it…“. I know, I know – what the hell is this clown on about?

AfroDish - Oxtails

 It’s about the picture above – braised oxtails on yellow rice (not too fatty, a little spicy, a little bit of marrow, silky sauce), stewed spinach and fried plantains (the sweet, ripe ones – not the starchy, meally ones). It’s about, I don’t know – 4 pounds of food. It’s about, I’ve been jockeying my schedule for week to get down there because I’ve been jonesing for these oxtails for the past month. It’s about completely forgetting where you are and what’s going on around you because this stuff is really that good. And so is the goat stew. And so are the Jamaican patties. And I assume the fufu (think of it like mashed potatos – root vegetables cooked in water and mashed) is good as well – haven’t tried it yet – but I bet it goes great with the goat… Keep getting side tracked by the oxtails. And the egusi and spinach soup (look at my review of Restaurante Guatemala  – here – for my obtuse discussion of egusi)

Yes, this is the WORST review ever, because I’m doing nothing but salivating over this place. If you like Afro-Caribbean food, this is the place in Atlanta. If you don’t know it, you couldn’t pick a better place to get started.

Sweet Auburn Curb Market

Maybe it’s silly, but I’ve talked about transformative food experiences before, and for me (maybe not for you – to each their own) this place is one of them. I like it that much. It joins the braised short ribs at Mario Batali’s Babbo in Greenwich Village, the duck curry with grapes and tomatoes at Lan Look Mai in Nakorn Ratchasima (Korat), the 16-course Szechuan meal at Yellow Door in Hong Kong (I’ll admit it – I bailed after the 11th course – progressively spicier and 36 hours with no sleep), the eclairs at that patisserie in the Quartier Latin in Paris… I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

209 Edgewood Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30303
Afrodish on Urbanspoon


  1. ok – just went down for lunch. It was good, not ethereal. The only real problem was the oxtails themselves, a bit to fatty for my taste and not quite to the falling off the bone stage. The sauce, peas and rice and spinach were all excellent as was the beef patty.

    Good find, and doing a good bit of lunch time business. I’ll be back (I prefer goat to oxtails anyway)

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