Eating, cooking and exploring ethnic food in Atlanta, especially on and around Buford Highway.

Beth at Atlanta Ethnic Food Examiner took a stab at sussing me out, as did Mark at Spoonfed (Atlanta).

I also write and edit for Naked with: Cooking, and cook and plan for Si Fang Cai.

“Put it on a plate, son. You’ll enjoy it more.” – Otto’s mom


  1. Hey Dave,

    It’s Amy from dinner on Friday night… thought I’d check out your blog before I forgot the URL. Very entertaining stuff… obviously near and dear to my tummy since I’ve spent the better part of a year traveling through SE Asia. I’ll have to figure out how to get an RSS feed on this thing- which I’ve never done before, but I’m sure isn’t hard. Funny that you have a Minorcan background… my mom’s family is mostly Minorcan- they were some of the original settlers of St. Augustine, and kept the bloodline reasonably “pure”, with a little French mixed in. When they hear the word “Minorcan,” most people think I’m talking about some sort of a wind instrument. In any event, it was interesting talking with you on Friday- it’s always tough being on the end of a dinner party, so it was good to have someone entertaining to pass the time!

  2. Hi, I’m the chick who writes Fried Chicken Blues http://americanchai.livejournal.com/4957.html. Please feel free to link! I’m not super active but I haven’t been going out to eat a heckuva lot lately. I mainly have been going to Buford Hwy Farmers Market, grabbing what I can and trying to get out of there with all of my limbs intact. Best to go before churches let out on Sunday morning! I will check out all of your blog entries because obviously we have a lot in common except I’m not Minorcan. Very cool.

  3. Welcome Allison. Well, we can’t all be Minorcan (I’m only partly so). Glad I found your blog – we definitely need to discuss fried chicken! Have you tried any of the Korean fried chicken places up in Duluth?

  4. I’ve tried the big pizza/fried chicken chain in Johns Creek. Really more crave-able on an intellectual level than a taste level but insanely good, nonetheless.

  5. Not sure if I’m familiar with that one, but I’m definitely intrigued – intellectually crave-able chicken…

    Thanks for the heads up on the bún @ Lee’s, btw.

  6. Hey Dave,

    Great looking site. It will take me a awhile to explore it all. Kudos for following your passion. It’s very inspirational to me. Possibly I’ll have a spicy foods blog one day.

  7. Hi Dave,

    What a great site! I’ve tried many restaurants on Buford Hwy and thought I knew them all by heart until I saw your blog. Apparently, I’m totally missing on a lot of restaurants! Anyhow, I recently tried a new restaurant on Buford Hwy and didn’t know what you thought about it. It’s called Crawfish Shack Seafood at First Buford Square Center. I absolutely think the food and price is on the spot – but it’s pretty selective on the menu option. However, are there better crawfish/seafood restaurants that I am missing out on?

  8. Hi, thanks for the comments. I just drove by the Crawfish Shack a few days ago. I was a little confused by the Vietnamese crawfish trend I’ve seen lately until a friend reminded me of the concentration of Vietnamese immigrants along the coast, especially in Louisiana. There is another Viet place selling crawfish in the food court at Hong Kong Market on Jimmy Carter. In fact, the newly opened Pinoy vendor (yay) there had all you can eat for $7.99. I’m not a crawfish fan, but I’m thinking of heading up there this weekend for Filipino food.

    BTW, If you use Twitter, follow Dinnerbell. I don’t post often, but if we get enough people following we may end up with a good ad-hoc group to share recommendations, gather for dinner, etc.

  9. What is the first take on Antico? Despite the confusing tripartite line system, I think I might be hooked. I can’t believe it — just fortuitous.

  10. Indeed – hooked as well. The Margherita is wonderful. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and what a wonderfully kind gesture as well!

    I’m embarrassed about my cranky mood, I guess I had too many run-ins with other cranks this week… Have a fantastic Xmas and be sure to join us at the next Food Blogger/Food Fan Eat Up (I’ll post it on the site and on Twitter). I’m planning one in January – wonder if Antico might be willing to hold a table for a group…

  11. Just stumbled upon your blog. I was wondering if you know of any Tibetan restaurant along Buford Hwy or any place around Atlanta for that matter. I have been craving steamed Tibetam momos and thought you would probably know. You might have blogged about such a place before, but there is no Tibetan category on here and I can’t read through all this quick enough to find out.
    Thank you

  12. Actually, I don’t know of a Tibetan restaurant in Atlanta (but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one). I would be all over some good dumplings – if you do happen to find one, let me know – I’d love to check it out!

    The Drepung Loseling Monastery on Dresden in Brookhaven may be able to give you a tip on where to find momo-cha.

  13. Hi Dave,

    I’m Shaun Chavis, a blogger in Birmingham. I’m organizing a blogging conference called Food Blog South, being held here in Birmingham in January 2011. We’ve got some great speakers & workshops in the works. I’d like to send you a personal invitation. If you’d like more info, would you send me an email at shaun dot chavis at gmail?

    Kind regards,

    Shaun Chavis

  14. Hi Dave,

    I just happened to stumble across your site looking for reviews of an Atlanta restaurant. I read quite a few and just felt compelled to write 1) because I’m a native Atlantan and grew up around the Buford Hwy area, 2) because we seem to have a similar discerning palate and 3) and 2) I’m a street photographer but I’m also a big foodie being born from two rich, ethnic cultures (Colombian and Lebanese). When I like a restaurant I’ll often mix my iPhonography with my thoughts and just post those on my Facebook page.

    Anyway, Atlanta has changed a great deal since the 70’s when no one cared to think about ethnic foods. I really appreciate the good job here and I’ll be looking for more future reviews!


  15. Juliette – Thanks for the comment/compliments! I’ve only been able to take a quick glimpse of your site but I like your work! Hopefully you’ll be able to join us at one of the blogger dinners – planning one soon.

  16. Hi! Heard about your blog from my brother – he often directs his friends here when they ask him “Where should I eat at Buford Highway?” I have really been enjoying trying the different places featured here, which is not as often as I’d like since I attend school in Athens. One question..do you have a favorite dimsum place? on Buford Hwy (or not!)

    Also, I featured your blog on my edition of Atlanta Food Blogs on bleditor.com. Here’s the link http://bleditor.com/bledit.php?bleditID=15794 if you’d like to take a quick look.

    Looking forward to exploring the site more and reading future reviews!

  17. Hi there!
    I wanted to get your opinion of a good Mexican restaurant option on BUHI for a group. We’ll be heading to Happy Karaoke at 5425 BUHI afterwards so would like to be relatively close to there. It’s an engagement party for good friends! We’ve opted not to do the traditional party of coming to someone’s house.
    Do you have any suggestions?

  18. As long as you’re looking for Mexican (not Tex-Mex), El Rey del Taco is probably the closest. It’s big, loud and open late. La Casona (Colombian) is close by and as long as you are eating early (they close around 8:30-9) it’s a great restaurant. Food is great and service is friendly.

  19. Thank you! I have practically lived on Buford highway eating since I moved to Atlanta ’94. I wanted to share a recipe with you, that simple and seems odd, but very delicious..epazote which is as a little girl I called the debeaner. You are probably familiar with this herb at the local latin grocer, and it is always in my opinion to buy it fresh when it is avaliable. Because you have alot left over, I often take fresh grapefruit and whatever sweetner I have on hand throw it in a blender with a number of the epazote leaves, and a shot of gin, and it is actually a really wonderful drink(my opinion) and my husband who hates gin, loves it too. When in a pinch I will buy store make grapefruit juice and apply the same process minus adding any additional sweetner. I recently began last year making granita, and this year began making sorbet..This is a simple and wonderful drink, and dessert. Let me know what you think, I have so many more where that came from..smile BE WELL

  20. I LOVE your website! Walking into a hole in the wall with $5 and walking out with a bellyfull of authentic deliciousness is my idea of a perfect Sunday. Wondering if you’ve found a good Puerto Rican (read: Chicagoan) Jibarito anywhere in ATL?

  21. Wow – you stumped me on that one. I have actually never heard of jibaritos. I’ve never seen them here either, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. You’ll find tostones/patacones everywhere, so we’ve got the makings. You might want to check with Tostones on Buford Highway (near 285). They seem to put giant tostones under a lot of dishes, so they might be willing to give it a shot…

  22. We have company with an adventurous appetite coming in town this weekend. Thinking of trying 2-3 places on Buford while they are here. I’ve heard so many different opinions, but to experience Buford Hwy in only a couple stops where would you go?


  23. To keep it simple… Pho Dai Loi 2 for Vietnamese, El Rey del Taco for Mexican, La Casona for Colombian, Cafe Mozart for dessert and a walk through the Buford Highway Farmers Market.

  24. I’ve been looking for a great Peruvian chicken place and can’t find one!!! I’ve been to Las Brasas– good but not great chicken and no authentic side dishes. I’ve also been to Pollo Dorado in Marietta and again decent but not great. All the places that seem to have gotten great reviews are now closed– can you suggest any places with great pollo a la brasa AND authentic side dishes (e.g. platanos, fried yuca)? Thank you!

  25. Hey, I’ll admit it’s been a while since I’ve been to Pollo las Brasas in Decatur. Sounds like it may have gone downhill a bit, as it was phenomenal all of the times I tried it. True, most of the places I’ve known in the past have closed, which frustrates me, as I still haven’t been able to perfect my own recipe for pollo a la brasa.

    I am a bit confused about your question about authentic side dishes. Most of the places I’ve tried (including Las Brasas) have had traditional side dishes. The main side I see offered with pollo a la brasas is papa a la huayacaína – which is very authentic. Yuca is authentic, but I don’t see it often on menus (probably because it’s a pain to prepare). Platanos are even less common in most of the Peruvian restaurants I’ve visited. Maize/choclo, potatoes, rice, tacu tacu, empanadas are most familiar to me.

  26. Hi there,

    I see that you have an amazing Mortar and Pestle on your site posted in April 2012.
    I am looking for something very similar, a very wide mortar.
    Do you have any suggestions on where I could order or purchase one?

    Thank you

  27. Sure – I like the wide mortars myself – it’s an IMUSA. I got it in Atlanta at the Buford Highway Farmers Market.

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