December 24, 2009

Abattoir – again

I’ve posted about Abattoir already. After hearing me blather on endlessly about it, HX decided it would be a good destination for his 8th birthday. And indeed, he was right. As with last time, pictures are more powerful than my drivel. Rabbit Galantine Duck Meatballs in Brodo Pork Trio Abattoir 1170 Howell Mill Road Atlanta, […]

Atlanta Food Bloggers – Chinatown Food Court

Obnoxious and inflammatory invective, embarrassing and awkward displays, generally rude and unacceptable behaviour, fist fights – all of the wonderful things I had hoped for – failed to materialize… Rather, a pleasant evening of conversation and Chinese food. So very disappointed. (You guys are great! Already thinking about doing it again in January.) GHVD235USZJA