Roasted Chicken Wings

I’ve been trying to be a good citizen. As I was exposed to swine flu last week via a festering public petri dish (my son’s elementary school), I decided to limit my contact with the outside world over the weekend. Of course, upon quietly making that decision on Friday, the calls & emails started –  […]

Too Much Freakin’ Rain, or How I Spent My Damp-Ass Weekend

God I need to stop eating for a while. But the rain in Atlanta is making that very difficult. Lately it doesn’t seem to stop raining, and when it does, the humidity is hanging in the air such that it does really matter that it’s not raining. Penne with sausage and cream sauce laced with […]


Tacos La Norteña

I’ve written about the unearthly “Torta Cubana” in the past – a sandwich that typically includes no less than 3 proteins and a plethora of other cholesterol inducing nightmares. The La Cubana at Tacos La Nortena is rather tame in comparison to past experiences: milanesa (a breaded and fried beef cutlet), al pastor (pork marinated […]