Monthly Archive:: July 2009

West Egg Cafe

I stopped by West Egg for lunch the other day, as I was in the mood for eggs and didn’t really have the time to stray too far from the …

Asian Cultural Festival

Asian Cultural Festival

Korean Drummer


Fruit Carving



Bau Ga-Prow (Bangkok Cabin)

Dough Figures (Taiwan)

Steamed Banana Leaves

Shaolin sifu giving marching orders…

Cho Sun Ok

I first visited Cho Sun Ok with a Korean friend and it was my introduction to Korean barbecue. I’ve now been going to this place for over 10 years, so …

Combo City

Hey, if I can eat sitting on a moped next to a bombed out gas station in Mexico, I can eat in the parking lot of a liquor store on …

Smoked Chicken & Grilled Corn

Roasted chicken has to be one of my favorite foods. It is so simple and so difficult to screw up, yet so few seem to cook it.

Most, including myself, …

Thai Fried Chicken

Regular readers will know that I’m not much for the Thai food that we have available in Atlanta. This is nothing new with me. I never looked forward to visiting …