October 26, 2008

Casa Vieja

Casa Vieja is neatly hidden away in a warzone of a strip mall on Shallowford Rd., about a block away from the back entrance to Asian Square. Not sure about the name of the strip mall, but there is a faded sign about “Grandpa’s Biscuits and Burgers”… Maybe it’s enhanced by bleakness of the surroundings, […]

Bún Thit Nương – Lee's Bakery

At the suggestion of a reader (as if I really need provocation to eat) I dropped by Lee’s Bakery for lunch today. The suggestion was that the bún at Lee’s was very “traditional” – which along with “authentic”, are my keywords for “go now”. (Keep in mind that “traditional” and “authentic” can be very scary […]



It’s a bit of a strange week, and strange weeks call for strange posts. Started off Friday with fish and chips and Old Rasputin Imperial Stout at Vortex. Speaking of which, LiTKitchen (see below) has a beer tasting series coming up. One day is dedicated to imperial stouts – w00t! Black, bitter and evil – […]