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Fellini’s EMF Pizza

Something about being surrounded by extremely high electromagnetic fields just makes pizza taste better. Fellini’s Pizza at the corner of Roswell Rd. and Wieuca is located just around the corner from an electric substation and has a 100′, densely populated … Continue reading

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Beef with Oyster Sauce

More quick and simple meals…. Less talking, more cooking: Ingredients 8 oz. beef (I used top round) 1 scallion (chopped) 2 slices of ginger (shredded) 1 egg (white only) 2 tsp corn starch 2 tbsp water Marinade 2 tbsp oyster … Continue reading

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Salt & Pepper Lamb Chops with Gai Choy

Finding time to eat well can be challenging. As a single father and a business owner, my spare time can be limited. It’s often tempting to rush into a fast food drive through when taking HX from summer camp to … Continue reading

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Dinner Invitation – Buford Highway * Updated*

OK, we’re going to do this again. Dinner on Buford Highway. If you’re new to dining on Buford Highway and are nervous to go it alone, this is a good opportunity to get out there with a wing man. If … Continue reading

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Roasted Green Beans with Smoked Salt

Finally, with warm weather, we get some decent produce. It’s hard to believe coming from a hardcore carnivore, but the first thought I had on seeing fresh green beans in the market today was, “That’s dinner.” Just roasted green beans … Continue reading

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Chicken Adobo

For some reason completely beyond my comprehension, there are exactly 0 (zero) Filipino restaurants in Atlanta. Now if I’m mistaken, please correct me, but what’s up with this? I’ve heard rumors of a small market that serves lechón (roasted suckling … Continue reading

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PDK Good Neighbor Day

DeKalb-Peachtree Airport (PDK) is central to Buford Highway – it’s part of what gives the area character. It has contributed in it’s own small way to the food culture of the area. Downwind is a great place for burgers, … Continue reading

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Frank Ma’s – No More?

Rumors are afoot and they’re not good. I’ve not verified this, but it appears that Frank Ma and his wife are leaving Dinho once again. Apparently the chef is already gone. So, if you haven’t visited Frank’s yet, it may … Continue reading

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El Taco Veloz

Quick lunch at El Taco Veloz after my visit to the Buford Highway Farmer’s Market. Yes, it is part of a chain, but it’s held fast here, seemingly forever. The negative: the carne asada tends towards the dry, barbacoa is … Continue reading

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Buford Highway Farmer’s Market

For some reason lot of people still seem to have hang ups about the ethnic markets along Buford Highway. Regardless, BFM is still one of my favorites. The sheer volume of produce, meats and fish that move through this place … Continue reading

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