Wednesday – 3 things

3 things that caught my attention today: Frozen Pork Dumplings (Wei-Chuan Brand). Definitely not as good as handmade, but they’ll do in a pinch and they’re under $4/bag. I’ve never tried Caribbean Jenean’s on Piedmont in Atlanta (seemed a little scary – strange that, coming from me), but they recently updated their sign and now […]

Frank Ma’s Restaurant

Frank Ma is somewhat of an institution in Atlanta¬†(the man, and possibly this, his most recent restaurant). He is a genuinely nice man, who obviously loves what he does and¬†is proud of sharing his craft. I’ll be candid – I’m not intimately familiar with his legend, but that equates to nothing more than my loss. […]


Mi Pilon Cocina Criolla

So I’m leaving my accountant’s office, looking for a quick lunch and making a mental note to cancel my dinner at Mi Pilon Cocina Criolla with the BHG on Saturday night (family things). What should suddenly loom in front of me? Mi Pilon Cocina Criolla (or Cocina Dominicana, or Spanish Restaurant, depending which sign you […]