Monthly Archive:: January 2008

Pay For Your Own Freakin' Food

Maybe it’s karma or some other crap, due to my previous post “Free Food for the Poor“. The clip is funny because it’s absurd. The clip is funny, because if you …

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Free Food for the Poor

Somehow, the subject of John Cusack movies came up over drinks last week (no idea how – cf., “drinks” two words back…). Of course this inevitably leads me to mention two …


According to the State of Texas, the most common last meal requests are:

  1. Cheeseburger
  2. Steak
  3. Fried Chicken
  4. Eggs – Scrambled/fried/Omlets along with other breakfasty items
  5. Chicken Fried Steak
  6. Tacos/Fajitas with accompanying

Got a Coconut – Make Curry

So I had a coconut – don’t ask me why. Now what? First thing is to crack it open and drink the water. Remember, the liquid inside a coconut is coconut

Snow & Ibarra

It’s snowing in Atlanta today (honestly it’s no big deal – but it does somehow make fodder for 8 solid hours of “news” coverage), so it’s a good time …

Babi Ketjap & Xiao Bai Tsai

Cooked again Wednesday night (I can’t eat out every night). I’m tending towards spicy foods lately, and Indonesian seems to be an easy choice (maybe it’s the ongoing cold I’ve

El Rey Del Taco

I think I’m supposed to visit El Rey Del Taco on Friday to go taco bar hopping with the Buford Highway group, but HX and I need a quick meal tonight and this …

Chicken Stock

Apparently it’s chicken day at my house – time to make stock. I’ll admit that I use canned broth quite a bit, but there’s really no reason if you eat …

Atlanta Farmers Market

Stopped by the Atlanta Farmers Market at Plaza Fiesta. I had a list – shrimp (hint: all of the Asian markets have great prices on seafood – and they go

Mediterranean Bakery & Sandwich

Mediterranean Bakery & Sandwich. Not really on Buford Highway, but who cares? Huge portions of great Lebanese and it’s cheap. A good selection of dishes (kafta, shawarma, kebabs, salads sandwiches,